Q: How long will my project take to complete?
A: "It depends on the extent of the work, but I’ll give you a rough estimate when I submit the bid. Then, when I write up the contract and go into the specific details, I’ll refine that initial estimate and provide a more precise completion date. "

Q: Do you use subcontractors?
A: "Yes. All the subcontractors I use are licensed and reputable professionals with whom I have a lot of experience. Also, it’s rare that I take on more than one project at a time, so I’m always onsite to supervise the work. "

Q: Do you offer custom design work?
A: "Yes, I can design custom woodworking, cabinets, baseboards and more. "

Q: Can you help me make the most out of a small bathroom?
A: "Absolutely, that’s one of my specialties. I can add bay windows, expand into an unused closet, install a skylight and use other techniques to create a charming bathroom. "

Q: Can you pull the permits for my project?
A: "Yes. "

"That he is an honest person, I also liked that he kept his word. He was on time when I wanted to meet with him for an assessment. He was punctual. He has integrity and a great work ethic. I even recommended him to my next door neighbor."
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Alice A.